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5 facts about auto recycling industry we bet you do not know

Recycling is the best way to take care of the vehicles that have reached the full term of their life cycle. As per the statistics, over 95% of the total wrecked vehicles are recycled and reused in the United States. Hiring a junk removal CT company not only helps the vehicle owner, but it also contributes significantly to the US economy. The junk car recycling industry in the United state is thus estimated to be worth $25 billion a year.

Indeed this is something you would haven't thought about as you plan to sell a junk car in CT. But, the facts about the junk car and recycling industry and eye-opening. Let us walk you through top 5 facts about the auto recycling industry we are sure you wouldn't have known till now:

1: The evolution started in 1997:

While junk car recycling was done before 1997, it gained its due importance after this year. The stats report that over 4.7 million vehicles were acquired by the recycling industry for recycling and repurposing of the metal. This was the first time such a huge number of vehicles were recycled and various parts were used as per their face value.

2: The source of new metal:

You will be surprised to know that when you sell a junk car in CT, you contribute towards the making of a new vehicle. Yes, as per the numbers, the metal extracted from recycling the junk cars in a year is enough to manufacture over 13 million new vehicles.

3: There are a lot of junk cars:

On an average, over 12 million vehicles are recycled in the US alone. This means a lot of cars go old and are sold by the car owners for recycling.

4: There are spare parts of great use:

When you sell your old vehicle, the auto recyclers takes out various spare parts from the vehicle and supply it to retail and wholesale dealers of spare parts. These spare parts are sold at half the price of brand new spare parts.

5: You can contact a car removal company to avail recycling services:

The best junk removal CT Company offers you car recycling services as well. All you need to do is, find the most reliable source.

So, if you have an old and wrecked car, you must sell it to a reliable junk car removal company right away.