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What can you do with a car that has a broken engine?

Your car has a broken engine, and now there are two options, if the vehicle is new or not too old, you can get it repaired. But if the car is old, the repair costs may be equal to the value of the vehicle, maybe more.

So, now instead of getting the engine repaired, you can sell the junk car, but by following the steps mentioned below.

Mention proper details of your car

If you want to sell it successfully, mention all the positive things about the car. This way, it will attract more buyers. Mention all the troubles that the vehicle is facing. This way, your listing will be considered as all the details are honest. Don’t give too many cost estimates; let the buyer decide. Wait for as many responses as you can and then choose the best one.

How to sell a car with a broken engine?

Selling a car is one of the most challenging things! Moreover, selling a car that has a broken engine can turn into a massive headache. There are so many responsibilities involved, especially as a seller.

The answer to your question is yes, and you can sell a car that has a broken engine. But certain legalities are needed to be followed. You will have to describe the condition of the car the way it is in. If the engine isn’t working correctly, you will have to explain that. Before selling the car, keep one thing in mind and that a lot of people will not be ready to invest in a car that is broken down. The sole reason behind this is that they would have to put in a lot of effort themselves, even if they get the engine repaired, the chances are that they would have to treat other underlying issues.

Mention the exact value of your car

Another thing, you need to be very honest about is the rates. Accurately price your car. If you list it at an overpriced rate, no one will buy it. Buyers, before purchasing the car, will have to keep the unexpected expenses in their minds. So, if the engine of the car is blown completely, expect the car to get sold at a very lesser price. No one will spend vast amounts on buying a car that has a broken engine.

This way, you will be able to sell your Junk car in CT properly.