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What Is Your Junk Car Worth?

Updated: Jan 6

As soon as you start planning to sell junk cars in CT, the first thought that strikes your mind is, “how much does my scrap car is worth.” You will be surprised to know how much your junk car can earn you. The usual range of a junk car is between $100 and $16000. However, because we use the vehicle too much, rather say overuse it, the higher chances are that you will earn anywhere around $100- $500.

When you know how much your junk car is worth, finding the best junk car removal company CT becomes much easier. We are saying so because there are several choices of junk removal companies that can intimidate you.

The four key characteristics of evaluating the junk car:

There is no thumb rule for assessing the value of a junk car. However, there are four characteristics that help you know the value of the car when you sell a junk car in CT:

Year, make and model



Prevailing price of a metal

The best junk car removal companies use these four characteristics in account while evaluating your vehicle.

Evaluating the true value of your vehicle:

No matter how junk your car is, whether it is drivable or not, or some of its key components are missing, it is worth some price. It is very important that you understand the value of the car before you sell your junk car.

Usually, the car is sold as scrap if it is not driveable. If that’s the condition, the price depends on the value of the metal. However, if the car is driveable but needs repair, the value is identified by calculating the cost of repair and subtracting it with the value of the second-hand car of the same model.

Once you know the value of the car, you need to start searching for the best junk car removal company CT.

How to get the best price for your car:

Fret not; there are some great junk car removal companies that will offer you the best price. However, you must be able to locate them first. Take a look on the internet and ensure you find a company that is credible and experienced.

The best company will offer you a free estimate and tow your vehicle from the premises. They also offer you the price in cash, right on the spot. So, just find the best company and sell your junk car CT.