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What you should know before having your scrap car towed

Updated: Jan 6

Every car owner feels proud of the pricey possession. However, there comes a time when even the best make and model car gets old and no more drivable. Once the car becomes no more useful on the streets, the best option is to sell a junk car in CT. There are reliable car removal companies that tow away your used car and pay you a price against it. However, disposing of a car isn't that easy. You need to be prepared with the basic facts about car towing. Here are the key elements that you must know before you contact a junk car removal CT company:


Even when it is used, old or completely wrecked, your car has a certain value in the market. It may not be as much as a new vehicle but certainly enough to help you plan buying a new one. So, before you sell a junk car in CT, make sure you know how much it worth is. You can find several companies who pay the right price for your old vehicle. Get quotes from several companies and compare them to find the best price.


You need to make sure that your vehicle isn't sold as it is. what does it mean? It means that you must take care of all the vehicle fluids available in the vehicle to prevent any environmental damages. The liquids from the vehicle can be reused in many ways.

License plates and documents:

Do not forget to take out your license plate before you junk your car. You need to surrender the license plate to the Motor Authority of the state. Also, make sure you have all your documents available with you. While you can easily sell off your vehicle without the documents, having them handy makes the process easier.

Remove your personal belongings:

You must make sure that you have nothing personal or valuables left inside the car. Do a deep scan and find anything that is of your personal value.

Find the best company:

Finally, finding the best junk car removal CT company is of utmost importance. When you connect with a reliable company, you get assurance that you are getting the best price for your vehicle. The right company would send an estimator to your location and offer you the best quote. You are free to accept or reject the quote.

These are a few things that you must know about junking you car.